We are a team of professional psychotherapists, educators, life coaches, business and organization consultants, coming together to help you and/or your organization grow 

Mahyar Mohammadzadeh

Founder - Grow Hub

Registered Psychotherapist


Change Management Coach

Mahyar is a practicing psychotherapist with more than fourteen years of experience in psychotherapy, management, supervising mental health professionals and students, developing code of ethics and regulations for organizations, designing psycho-educational courses and workshops, facilitating trainings, working with trauma and promoting safety issues and safe practice. 

With his experience and training on various psychotherapeutic modalities, working as the director of psychology department of a worldly acknowledged social enterprise, being nominated as United Nation’s designated stress counsellor, having experience in entrepreneurship and running two businesses and working with various companies and organizations on employee/management empowerment programs, he is confident that he can bring growth into your life and your organization.


Dr. Soosan Latham

Educator and Coach

University Professor


Dr. Soosan Latham is an adult educator with years of practical private sector experience, who brings a creative, experiential, and client-based perspective to her work in community development.

As a former Vice President of Human Resources at J. P. Morgan Chase and prior to that as Assistant Dean, Executive Education at the Rotman School of Management, Soosan also has extensive experience as a Management Consultant, Executive Coach, and an Entrepreneur. Soosan’s passion to explore Leadership and, in particular, Cross-Cultural challenges facing individuals, was inspired by her personal experiences subsequent to 9/11. She has since been involved in working with individuals and organizations in their pursuit of effectiveness and well-being, through one-on-one coaching and group workshops.

Soosan is the author of The Multicultural Leader: Stories of Influence and Achievement as well as The Boarding School Girls: Developmental and Cultural Narratives. Soosan is an adjunct professor at York University and a Certified Associate Coach supporting the Niagara Institute’s Leadership Development Program.


Yasamin Karimi

Registered Psychotherapist


Group Facilitator

Yasamin has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and a decade of experience in clinical practice with a wide variety of clients. She currently works as a Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto, Ontario. Her view of psychological interventions is that of a reformist, adding to the richness and freshness of human lives. Getting to know individuals and having the ability to help them has been an ongoing passion of hers.  She has conducted many group therapy sessions and has had presented in various conferences and also had conducted research studies and made publications in the field of psychology.


Amir Behbahani

Organization and Business

Development Consultant 


Recreational Event Organizer


As the founder of Nobaang Andisheh Group, a knowledge base, experience oriented and human centered group with an agile and fluid organizational structure, and being the former senior business development manager of the Australian Trade Commission-Austrade, Amir has extensive experience in helping organizations and businesses flourish, grow and experience higher performance achievements. Some of the internationally acknowledged organizations Amir has consulted are UNDP, UNICEF, Johnson & Johnson, Novo Nordisk, etc.

Amir is currently facilitating series of workshops under the title of Becoming Professional Performers on core competencies & attitudes required to master workplace soft skills for selected audience in performance based organizations in Toronto and has been a guest speaker on sustainability and new management and marketing topics in the context of innovative & experience oriented economy for professional associations.  


Dr. Samira Rostami

Registered Psychotherapist


Group Facilitator

Ms. Samira Rostami is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) who provides evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive-behavioural Therapy (CBT), Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness-based Therapy as her primary theoretical approaches. Her specialization areas in clinical practice are anxiety and mood disorders, psychological traumas and relationship issues.

Samira has spent a number of years conducting research at The Royal Mental Health Hospital affiliated by the University of Ottawa with a focus on mind wandering and brain imaging with individuals who were diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar disorder.

As an associate professor in the psychology department, Samira has taught students at bachelor and master's degree levels and delivered various workshops.

She has been a board member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario and helped in developing a preventive program for adolescents.